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Pejabat Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Tawau


Address: Wisma Hasil
66, Jalan Mesra
Off KM 2, Jalan Kuhara
91009 Tawau
Telephone: 089 - 777 141 / 177 / 142
Fax: 089 - 776 390
Office Hours: Mon - Thu : 8:00am - 1:00pm & 2:00pm - 5:00pm 
Friday : 8:00am - 11:30pm & 2:00m - 5:00pm

The Tawau Income Tax Office (LHDN Tawau) is one of the main revenue collecting agencies of the Ministry of Finance in Sabah. The LHDN Tawau also to act as agent of the Government and to provide services in administering, assessing, collecting and enforcing payment of income tax, petroleum income tax, real property gains tax, estate duty, stamp duties and such other taxes as may be agreed between the Government and the Board.

FAQs on Assessment of Tax

Q : I have not received my Income Tax Return Form. How do I obtain a copy of the said form?

A : Contact the Assessment Branch where your income tax file is registered or the nearest Inland Revenue Office and request for the relevant forms.

Q : I have changed my place of work from Johor Bahru and I am currently working in Sandakan but my income tax file is at the Inland Revenue Branch in Johor Bahru. Can my income tax file be transferred to Sandakan?
A : You may by way of telephone or letter to the Inland Revenue Branch Johor Bahru request for your tax file to be transfered to the Inland Revenue Branch Sandakan. You have to inform the new Branch (in this case the Sandakan branch) of any future change of address.

Q : Can I make a claim on medical expenses expended on myself ?
A : You may claim medical expenses for serious diseases expended on you, your spouse or child up to a maximum of RM5,000.00 a year and medical expenses for parents up to a maximum of RM5,000.00 a year. Such a claim must be supported by original receipts issued by a medical practitioner.

Q : My monthly deductions are in excess of the total tax assessed. How do I apply to cancel further monthly deductions and also obtain my over payment of tax?
A : You can contact the Collections Branch directly to obtain a letter to stop the deductions. You can apply for a refund of your credit on condition that all assessments have been finalised to-date.

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